Friday, February 19, 2010


In the article by Wil Meeus, Frederik Questier and Thea Derks, you can information on the “history” of portfolios, what exactly they are, and how they are used in education. The article talks about how portfolios are student centered. This allows the students to be the main controller of their portfolios. This gives students the freedom to decide what they would like to put into their portfolios. The article talks about how the portfolios show the students competence. The article also gives some steps into setting up a portfolio. The article closes with what portfolios will be like in the future in Higher Education.
This article was a little disorganized for me. It was hard for me to really get into the details although I like portfolios. I as a student love portfolios. I feel that portfolios are a good way to evaluate students who may not like to speak in class or present in front of a class. I feel it’s a good way to have your students involved in the learning process while doing something fun. Portfolios are not the norm yet, so student will like the change to something new.

This video gives a quick guide on the steps to building an eportfolios online. Although it is based on another University's quidelines, it gives a great example of a "how-to".

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